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Wood is an excellent medium for creative endeavors and we love the extraordinary things that can be done using it. However, wood has some unique properties that Ollenberger Shop’s customers need to be aware of.  

Wood is harvested from trees and woody plants. It is the fibrous tissue that allows the organism to allow water and nutrients to travel within the tree. Each tree is unique and has growth rings, knots and other characteristics based on many environmental factors. In our product, there will occasionally be some small tight knots and slight wood grain variations. We carefully select our wood and feel that the variations add to the beauty and uniqueness of each piece.

Because wood is an organic material, it is subject to changes in size, shape, and color due to temperature and air moisture levels. Although warping and cracking are unlikely, it is possible. Some of our signs are fragile. The different color of paint we use to show contrast in our signs can chip, if not handled properly. If chipping does occur, you can use a colored permanent marker to fill in the chipped areas.

If an item has a “chemical” odor, don’t worry that is just the protective finish. Any smell will subside within 48 hours.

Regardless of what type of order you purchase, we recommend handling it with care.